Benefits of breathing exercises.

We had a meditation session in our morning circle lead by Kanika Di a volunteer and friend of Abhishek followed by all Ng Girls, Anuradha Di, and Abhishek. After doing breakfast at 8 we all sat on the floor in a circle. We started with a question that while doing exercise why it is necessary to breathe consciously. Di explained that while breathing we inhale “PARAN VAAU” i.e oxygen and exhale dirty air so to get the energy it is necessary that good amount of oxygen could reach to each cell of our body. Normally when we breathe we take only 40 percent oxygen in our lungs but while doing breathing exercise we can take 100 percent oxygen inside our lungs.

Benefits of breathing exercises.

We did an Ashan in which we gave jurk to our body as we were trying to pump or exhale out all waste air. After this exercise, we inhale lots of pure and fresh oxygen by taking deep breathe in. After that, we did an Ashan named “aana-pan” where we silently observing our breath and keeping away all the thought this Ashan help us to increase our concentration level. Even we all are advised to sit properly by keeping back straight this small change in our body style will feel us with lots of positive energy and tremendously increase our potential to do any work efficiently. She also explained that our whole body is a single entity and we need to maintain the balance of it. We do breathing consciously while doing exercise than our all five sense will work very actively. All the people who became great are only because of these internal positive energies. We all human beings have that much capacity to do any great work using these extraordinary energies but it can’t get easily we need to practice breathing exercises on regular basis.

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