Exploring my passion of life.

It is going to be a blog series if you like it stay tuned.

I Annu in this whole lockdown wondering what should I do which will give me happiness and satisfaction of living a life meaningfully. Hundreds of thoughts were keeping me engage many of them were questions for me some were positive and the other were how can I (negative)? How my mentor guide me is don’t underestimate yourself, respect your journey and don’t compare yourself with others whenever this question arose in mind how can I? Instead I should think as why I can’t and what can I do to improve myself and bring the best version out.

What I have observed I am not very much passionate about what I am doing to earn my livelihood but things like inspiring, mentoring and becoming a person who can contribute in someway or other in the growth and development of society. Here growth means to me is making life better for those who all are immensely struggling in terms of …..

There are lots of people and their stories who are the inspiration for me to do all these like Zubin Ji, Abhishek bhaiya, Surbhi Di, Anuradha Di, Idris Michael, Mummy, Jai, there are many more but these persons majorly impacted me to think sensitively .

I had already started taking baby steps to support people in whatever ways I can few of them worked and few of them didn’t. When things don’t work for my mistakes or from the other side, I feel a little disappointed. But my mentors always told me doing something and getting fail is okay then not doing anything. At least it will teach me something. I future I am thinking of doing some part-time work in any NGO. But I want to create one of my own what will be its agenda is “Thoughts under construction” right now need more clarity and lots of experiences.

I am in contact with a couple of mentors whom I reach out recently so they can motivate me about it and I can get directions on how can I learn all the essential skills required to do this job. I have lots of fears too like if I will join social sector how my earrings and learning will be impacted. What if I got married then how will I able to handle so many responsibilities like my job, some social work, my own family and also my husband’s family?

I love to mentor but first I need to be efficient enough to mentor others but with whatever knowledge I have mentor and it makes me feel fantastic.

I am little confident also with what I do but little shy also of what others will think of me will they respond to my work or they will just ignore me for they will make fun of me. I am grateful to all the people who all are making my journey smoother in return I want to make some more people’s journey smooth.

Why social sector work excites me the most? Because It could give me chances to make new friends and get inspired by your fellow people. It will big me change to explore different culture. I will get opportunities to keep on moving from one place to other.

What all I will work on to improve myself are:

I will grab opportunities to speak publicly in small groups. I will work on my presentation skills. I will start reading/exploring about others took the same way which I am thinking for. What difficulties they faced and how they keep themselves motivated to continue this journey. I have to make my will strong so I can not give up easily. I have to discuss about all these with my family. Have to improve my confidence level which I think will come only with experience. I have to figure out ways how can I improve my leadership quality. And for doing all these, I am ready to spend 6 to 8 hours a week after doing office and household chores.

The changes I want to see in my society are:

All the people should treated equally irrespective of their financial status, or power in society why I am saying this because I have being noticing since my childhood the person who is coming out of a car are treated differently and the others are treated differently.

As in government schools students are studying properly in Bihar too it should run in the same way because of this issue many students cannot get good job and their family status remains almost same as their parent had if they will taught properly there will me chances for them to do something good in life and improve the living standard in terms of health and hygiene.

The middle man in medical industries are the reason for several deaths in our country because poor people can’t afford to buy expensive medicines and other medical equipment for their treatment. And Govt. hospital also doesn’t have sufficient stocks to fulfill all the requirements.

I have seen men who are forcing their wives for abortion again and again they can’t even see how badly it is impacting the health of lady. But men are men and they think women have to do whatever they wish to and women don’t have any rights on her own life. What is this I never understand I am not blaming all the men, but there are few? I want to stop male chauvinism.

There are many things I want to change but don’t know from where to start, but I think I have taken the first step towards my journey to explore my passion. Don’t know how I will progress in life but have to do something so I could become inspiration for others to do good and be good and happy I might have spoke too much if any words of mine hurts anyone forgive me and if anyone wants to give any feedback comment here, I am happy to look at.

I am a self-taught Software Engineer aspire to provide support to my community in some way or other.