Interaction with community on menstruation.

I am 19 year old girl menstruating since last 4 years and struggling with the hygienic products to be used while I menstruate.

And then I met Pritu, a 23 year old girl and a sustainable life promoter. Then Pritu and I went to a village to talk about menstruation. I was willing to learn about this natural yet stigmatic phenomenon in our bodies.

So when we reached the village in lohandiguda, Bastar, we had a discussion on what they use when they menstruate and how are they treated when they bleed!

We talked about the notion of impure blood and hence a discussion on how that blood develops.

Explained about each thing using prototype.

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon. However, in most parts of the world, it remains a taboo and is rarely talked about. Cultural practices and taboos around menstruation negatively impacts the lives of women and girls, and reinforces gender inequalities and exclusion. Moreover, studies have proved a direct link between poor menstrual hygiene practices leading to urinary or reproductive tract infections and other illnesses.

We did talk on hygienic ways to wash clothes that are used in periods?

We did talk about superstition and taboos related to Mensuration.

These interactions were an eye opening and experiential session for me.

I myself challenged my belief on a few practices which I considered healthy, I realized how using cloth pads and menstrual cups are sustainable and healthy. Pritu herself uses and talks about using cloth pads and menstrual cups as it minimizes waste production and keeps us healthy.

Also I learnt that how often women tends to hide it even though it’s natural.

I also learnt and talked about the safe ways of drying and storing. Women and girls even don’t dry their cloth pads and inner wear in the sun because of male shaming or preconceived notion.

We talked on what to do and what not to do to overcome stomach ache during periods.

They do not talk about their problems.

They still consider menstruation a curse. So, education on this issue is needed and I am glad to be contributing to this project.

I am a self-taught Software Engineer aspire to provide support to my community in some way or other.

I am a self-taught Software Engineer aspire to provide support to my community in some way or other.