Last Day In NavGurukul…

I am about to leave Navgurukul campus today. It is a very miserable moment for me. It is a mixed feeling — “emotional”, “anxiety”, “fear of leaving comfort zone”, fear of leaving friends and my Navgurukul family.

My whole stuff is packed, I am busy in recalling all the memories I had with my friends, missing Abhishek Bhaiya and Anuradha Di, remembering how this place gave me a lot of happiness, how it changed me from what I was to a mature responsive, sensitive and childish girl.

The whole one and a half year I ad meet to so many awesome people who taught plenty of life lesson to me. I will always keep in mind all the good things that I have learned along with the coding. Deep inside my heart, I consoled myself that all good activities are going t be ended. I know that I will visit N.G every weekend but the feeling will be the same or not I don’t know. I will be only Alumni (guest) to this place, not a resident.

All my juniors are awesome I wish all the best to all of them and lots of love, respect and gratitude to our whole NavGurukul family.

I am a self-taught Software Engineer aspire to provide support to my community in some way or other.