Menstrual Session With Silvana.

Silvana a lady from Italy came to our campus who changed the vision of our’s regarding “Menstruating Circle”.

After menstrual discussion circle.

She explains us, menstruation cycle is like a guide or mentor of life as it teaches us lots of values of life. She said menarche is the stage when girls convert into women. Menopause occurs in the range of 45–50 of age. Women are having fertility until she didn’t reach the stage of menopause, after that she loses fertility. Our body gives us some crucial lessons like when we do any movement we observed that we don’t move one part only but other also simultaneously moves, usually we not realise this that our body parts are connected to each other which gives a message to us we all human beings are connected to one another and to nature too. She makes us sit in a circle for activity and divided us into four parts according to the season on which we were.

Girls divided according to their season.

She explained all women gone through four phases of the menstrual cycle in one month i.e winter, spring, summer and autumn. In winter women usually bleed and this is the season in which women deep dive into the thoughts imagines about her dreams which her leads to increase the creativity of the women. They are physically not that much active but mentally they are very present. Women can be little agitated, like to be alone and want rest during this season and nowadays women are not allowing their body to relax rather than force themselves to work. being a woman or a man we should support a woman who is going through winter season The next season which occurs in women is spring season which comes just after periods. In this season women are recharged and come out of deep thoughts and start to implement all her thoughts into action. After the bleeding season now she feels relieved and relaxed and tries to execute the things creatively and beautifully, she tries she fails again she tries to do her work. Start enjoying the company of people around. She does all her work with full concentration keeping the dream in mind she put all her efforts to achieve it. Third comes the summer season in which women are physically very energetic and don’t think too much. In this season women’s reproductive part produces ovary which has the potential to create a life.

Usually, women’s dreams are fulfilled in this season their happiness is overwhelmed. Fourth and the last session is autumn, in this time women feel tense, want to take rest, physically feels tired, many times she feels hungry. This is the time when women usually criticise themselves and start to find faults everywhere and become irritated easily. This phenomenon is known as the mood swings which generally we can see in women. Summarising we can say that women are like a tree which sheds their leaves in winter season but it is still alive and then the next phase comes in women life is spring season in which usually trees start bearing leaves, and there are happiness and greenery all around and then next is summer in which trees usually spreads more greenery all around and starts bearing fruits and then comes autumn trees starts shedding their leaves. Silvana has shared an idea of REDvolution with all the girls of NavGurukul.

Navgurukul’s girl weaved red thread creatively.

We got inspired and by #REDvolutionaryWeaving project (ReDevelopMental weaving), aimed at women and men, on the awareness of the female rhythm through movement. She brought beats from different countries across the world and we added our red beats, ribbons, wool, and thread too with it and beautifully, created a pattern to symbolise the power of red. For a week we had two hours session daily with Silvana, we got that much inspired that with experience of coding we mixed the two, ended with a #REDvolutionary Hackathon, to develop prototypes of apps and/or web tools on the theme of this cycle. All participate put there all efforts to complete this hackathon.

Students were divided into four teams one make cliq bot to have an open conversation regarding menstruation. The second team made a messenger bot with which we can talk and ask any query and it will give links of answers, the third team made a website that spread awareness about first period’s and the last team made a website of a short blog post in which talks about taboos.

I am a self-taught Software Engineer aspire to provide support to my community in some way or other.