The adventurous trip to Kanger national park and Tirathgarh waterfalls.

The adventurous trip to Kanger national park and tirathgarh waterfall.

The reason of my curiosity to visit Tirathgarh was to watch and experience magnificent places to visit like cave, waterfalls, its rich cultural and heritage, mysterious history, real facts, unknown aspects, kind hearted peoples, splendid natural beauty.

We group of 10 peoples started traveling to Tirathgarh, from Usaribera have to reach to jagdalpur district in Bastar. Tirathgarh is 35 Km away from Jagdalpur. It takes a drive of about an Hour to reach Tirathgarh.
Before talking about the fall, let me tell you the drive to the fall goes through Kanger Valley National Park. The road drives through dense forest, misty views filling you with joy and enthusiasm. On the way we enjoyed the calmness and freshness in the environment felt mesmerised when cool breezes touched our body. Unlike Chitrakot, here peoples have to pay for tickets to get in.
We stayed at government quarter for a couple of days. Tirathgarh Waterfall is surrounded by greenery as it is Tirathgarh Waterfall is surrounded by greenery as it is located in the forest which enhances the beauty of the fall. were lots of monkeys spread all around and very promptly attack to those who have foodstuff with them. The views from each corner was uniquely amazing. At the bottom one can have the clear view of the fall. The water looks very white like milk. The place is wide open so that one can enjoy. This is the place to click snaps and selfies and make it memorable moments.

This is not the end of the Tirathgarh fall, it has multiple splits, one can move further down through staircase which enables us to see the dimension of fall which u cannot see from top. Here water directly falls i.e. it is not steps falling. We made tents at dense forest and few members of our team spent whole night there. We all took bath under fall for more than hours here easily and enjoy a lot. It was slippery so we need to be very careful and going to bottom of the hill was very tiresome so we didn’t went to bottom again. We came back by hijacking on truck it was fun full journey. On the way back to home we went gurudwara. In this way our trip ends.

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